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I'm Rob Owen King

Programmer · Polyglot · Puzzle Fan

Maths at Oxford > Teacher and translator in Spain > Full-stack web dev
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I've been dabbling in coding since I was about 10: HTML and CSS as a kid, Game Maker as a teen, Matlab at uni. Then in 2019 I found a way to make it my career. I graduated from Le Wagon's full-stack bootcamp in Barcelona just as the pandemic hit.

Since then, I've taught myself React, completed a number of courses on CodeCademy and built loads of projects practicing a wide range of skills to prepare to enter the industry. If you're hiring a junior dev near Birmingham, do get in touch.

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Besides coding, I also love everything about languages, from 'dry' grammar to understanding different peoples and cultures. Over the years, I've studied a bunch to different levels, worked as an English teacher and translated professionally (mostly Catalan and Spanish to English).

Check out my articles introducing aspects of Catalonia to tourists and my fellow foreigners or my English learners' quizzes for the same online newspaper, all signed Rob King.

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Puzzle Fan

To be honest, maybe puzzles should have come first here as my lifelong love of them is at the heart of many of my other interests, including coding. Recently, I've been most into solving Sudoku and related puzzles, and trying my hand at setting some.

A couple have even been featured by Youtube channel Cracking the Cryptic to their 400k+ subscribers. "Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous", "good grief, this is really clever", "such a pleasure to solve" - see what the presenter was talking about with these comments in the video below: