My portfolio

Here is a selection of my favourite coding projects from before, during and after my bootcamp. Click on any of them for more details and to try them out, or head to my GitHub page to find the source code.

Jump to: Full-stack web apps; React apps; For coders; Games, recreational maths and more; Geography challenges.

Full-stack web apps

Screenshot of page to add location poll options on Quedem


Screenshot of list of Nearby Posts on Movida-19


React apps

Screenshot of the app. The user has just made the number 28 by doing (4-2)*11+6.


Screenshot of the app - a character displayed in different calligraphy styles with its definition, frequency and more.

Patterns in the Hanzi

Screenshot of the app. A user is filling in the romanisation of a given Korean word, previous answers listed below.

Up to Speed: Korean Alphabet

For Coders

Screenshot of someone trying to use a regular expression to match some Catalan words with special characters to mixed success.

Regex Challenges

Screenshot of the Colour Translator with the RGB and HSL values for a shade of orange.

Colour Translator

Screenshot of the code for a Linked List class in Ruby.

Code Kata

Screenshot of my Transitions experiment with examples mid-change.


Games, recreational maths and more

Screenshot of a game of Conway's Game of Life in progress with its sprawling, colourful patterns.

Conway's Game of Life

Screenshot of my version of Tetris with a game in progress (it's going okay).


Screenshot of Prime Pairs Plus set to order the numbers from 1 to 16 so that every pair adds up to a prime.

Prime Pairs Plus

Screenshot of someone playing Gaps. The pattern is 'something, something, n, s' - they have 708 points so far from the words tons, wins, tins and pans.


Screenshot of the Hip puzzle and/or game in progress.


Screenshot of my Clocks project.


Screenshot of the Star Battle Creator and Solver

Star Battles

Screenshot of my Recamán's sequence visualisation tool - a curve swirling back and forth representing the first few dozen terms.

Recamán's Sequence

Screenshot of a Rose curve, a symmetrical, spiralling colourful pattern, above a set of sliders to define its properties.

Interactive Rose Curve

Screenshot of the Roman Numerals Calculator displaying answer MDCCXXIX.

Roman Numerals Calculator

Screenshot of a black screen with a random pattern of circles on it in green, brown, grey and blue.


Screenshot of the Euler Spiral implementation, a multi-coloured spiral above sliders to alter its defining properties.

Euler Spiral

Geography Challenges

Screenshot of someone finding Wisconsin on a map - it's highlighted in green, but Montana's in red after they made a mistake.

Map Challenges

Screenshot of someone trying to name all the US states. They've got a few - highlighted in green on a map - and are currently trying to spell 'Mississippi'.

Name Challenges

Screenshot of the flag of Armenia with a space below to guess which country it's from.

Flag Challenges

Screenshot of someone trying to spell 'Tallahassee' having been challenged to name the capital of Florida.

Capital Challenges